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Tambaba Bay

The Resort

Tambaba Country Club Resort has been designed for universal appeal, with an array of leisure activities and facilities in the north east of Brazil. Set in the stunning rolling tropical countryside of Paraiba, this 150 hectare resort captures both your imagination and emotion.

The resort will consist of the highest quality build of villas and is purposefully designed for both tourism and residential guests. Because of the lay of the land every villa has a view over magnificent hills and coastal forest and the resort is bordered by two fresh spring water rivers available for fishing or swimming. At Tambaba Country Club you also have over 30 hectares of protected tropical forest within your resort borders, ready to be explored at your leisure.

Tambaba Country Club Resort takes its name from one of the four magnificent beaches within 5 minutes drive of the resort – Tambaba, Tabatinga, Cocquerinho and Praia Bella – which are among some of the top beaches in Brazil. When you consider Brazil has 4680 miles of coastline, it helps you understand why these beaches are special and why you are investing in a location that will benefit from all four, offering so much more than any other traditional beach resort.