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"Having arrived back in the UK from visiting our two investment plots in Tambaba Country Club Resort and taken the opportunity to visit the site and my new investment, I'm really pleased seeing first-hand the progress of the facilities and also to get a real feel for the location and position of my two plots. Tambaba really is special and magical the design and development really has been thought through, catering to all needs of the future residents and families who will use the club for their holiday breaks or as lifestyle investment.

We were greeted at the airport by Sean one of the company directors of Tambaba, nothing was too much trouble and his in depth tour and knowledge of the area and most of all Tambaba and Joao Pessoa was marvellous to say the least. We were taken to all the surrounding beaches, bars, restaurants the water felt like it was at bath temperatures and the Lobster was under £20.00!! The beaches really are minutes away from the resort which was fantastic, the cleanliness and unspoilt un-crowded beaches and local people really do take your breath away so beautiful and the locals are so friendly and helpful.

Actually whilst on site we accidently met a Brazilian family who had purchased property on Tambaba a were showing their sons from Rio de Janerio around as he was going to purchase some plots also, speaking to this local family about Tambaba and their enthusiasm really did fill me with confidence that my investment was a very worthwhile one. I really am looking forward to the day when my villas have been built within this quite extraordinary resort in what can only be described as a rapidly up and coming region of Brazil.

So much so I have decided to increase the size of my investment. A quick point to mention on the legal side of the investment, which is always a concern when investing abroad, from initially choosing our plots to receiving the Freehold Title Deed, Invest in Brazil and their team of lawyers and administrators have continually shown a very high level of efficiency in keeping us informed and with updates on progress which gives us all peace of mind in our investment.

To finish Joao Pessoa and The Tambaba country club area ticked most if not all the boxes, climate, low cost of living, safe, friendly, welcoming, friendly atmosphere, with what can only be described as an up and coming investment hotspot area ready to explode. The inspection trip was well worth the visit. I would like to thank invest in Brazil team for unrushed professional no pressurised visit to our investment dream."


Frank Wright/ Adrian Owens  


"Dealing with Invest in Brazil has been a pleasure. Very competent staff, helpful, organized and available at any time they were requested. I definitely recommend this company to anyone who is thinking in investing in Brazil. Hope to be making more business in the near future with Invest in Brazil."

Best regards"

Adriano Zanella

"With regard to my two investments with Invest in Brazil, I can say that I feel fairly confident that I will get a good return for my outlay. I find Richard Chambers & colleagues very committed to making the purchase easy & clear at every stage, explaining & answering any queries. Contact with the office is always immediate, which is very reassuring. I enjoy viewing the website updates of how the projects are progressing, but would like more update on the area that I have actually invested in, i.e. the commercial area of the Tambaba resort. Otherwise I feel satisfied that the investments are good & my relationship with the office is good. Regarding recommending Invest in Brazil to family & friends, I think that I probably would if the outcome of my own investment is favourable.

Kind regards"

John Wilkins

"I believe investment in Brazil is defiantly a great idea. Having invested in the UK property market we decided to try investing in Brazil due to the lack of adequate financial returns here. “Invest in Brazil” have been great and given very sound advice. Their services have been excellent and professional and we have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking to invest in Brazil. Once again many thanks for your services. Regards"       

Anil K

"As a new investor of Tambaba Country club and already planning to head to Brazil for a holiday, I jumped at the chance to visit the site to get a real feel for my new investment. I'm glad I did as I now feel even more confident having seen the progress of the facilities and also get a real feel for the aspect and elevation of my plots. Now I can begin to make proper informed plans for my Villa! I have a much better understanding of the local area, just how beautiful the local beaches really are and how much potential there is, not only for rapid capital growth but for holiday opportunities for me and my family and friends in the future. I dont think I want to sell now, as was my initial plan. Thanks to the team, Sean, Marie and Paul X2( double trouble) for making sure all the investors on the trip were looked after during our stay. All needs were met and a lot of fun was had. Visiting Joao Pessoa was one of the highlights of my first trip ever to Brazil and I can’t wait to find time for another 'inspection trip' to enjoy the area and ultimately, build and return for a proper holiday in my very own slice of Brazilian paradise on Tambaba. ."       

Jon Schild

"After receiving the information from Ultra Chic investments through Marie Connolly regarding the Tambaba 5 star country club resort I was impressed in the development and surrounding area. I was interested in securing a plot, but wanted to see the land for real so I joined the investor trip in November. There I met Sean Trafford and Paul Clarke from Aranessa who took us down to the resort to see the plots and surrounding area. After walking over the landscape of the resort I decided to upgrade my original choice of 800m2 up to 3100m2 as I was so impressed with the hillside views. The Arenessa and Ultra chic investment team were very helpful with information and assisted me very well to make my choice including a payment plan. So much so I am looking at purchasing a second plot. Also in the trip we were treated to meals out, BBQ on the resort, reggae night, Costa Brava hotel complex visit, buggy tour and plenty of beach time. It was well worth the trip and great to see the place as Joao Pessoa and the surrounding areas are very beautiful with so much potential. I would have no hesitation in recommending Marie Connolly, Sean Trafford and Paul Clarke for their professionalism and knowledge of the Tambaba resort and the buying process."       

Michael Harrison

"Being a visitor to Brazil over many years I know the growth potential is huge and the speed of development is increasing so the opportunity to buy a land plot in North East Brazil which is renowned for its beautiful beaches was not to be missed. Having been on a recent inspection visit to Joao Pessoa and the Tambaba resort I was not disappointed and am not only considering purchasing another plot but also building a villa with pool on my original plot. The area is well developed with plenty of amenities, shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants and of course the beaches and Tambaba itself is set in a beautiful location."       

Helen Foxley

"We are very excited about our land purchase in Tambaba and looking forward to the day when we have a house built within an extraordinary resort in a rapidly up and coming region of Brazil! From initially choosing our plot to receiving our Freehold Title Deed, Invest in Brazil and their team of lawyers have continually shown efficiency in keeping us informed and maintaining enough contact to give us peace of mind on our investment. Thank you so much !" p.s Yes, we will defiantly be recommending Invest in Brazil to our friends and family. "       

Christina E.F.Gomes

"I am impressed with the Tambaba project development. They are putting in a variety of facilities to suit all kinds of people through different age groups. The hassle-free service from Invest in Brazil is particularly fantastic.  They follow through and check everything from signing the contract, legal review, to finally getting your own land title deed. I personally hold 6 land plots with different sizes and I am expecting a huge value appreciation from it once all construction work has been completed there so that I can make use of the profit to build my dream villa."       

Chung Lun IP

"We purchased two freehold land plots within TCCR from Invest in Brazil in 2009 on the recommendation that Brazil would be one of the future leading economies. We are pleased to say Invest in Brazil was right and our land plots have more than doubled in value. We also have our title deeds to both plots so our investments are secure. I can safely recommend Invest in Brazil to anyone who wishes to buy property in Brazil."       

Calvin Alexander

"Having looked at making an investment and after careful consideration I decided to move away from Europe because of the financial situation and lack of returns and turned my attention to Brazil as its one of the countries that has not only seen growth but it likely to continue for some time yet. Having researched the availability I decide to purchase a freehold land plot with a company called Invest in Brazil Ltd because they demonstrated to me that not only are they experts in their field but was able to prove everything they stated regarding planning permissions, valuations and exit strategies. I was not disappointed with my decision as they assisted me throughout the whole process and found them to be a professional and reliable company. On a recent site visit I met with their partners in Brazil and was so delighted with the progress being made I purchased a further 3 plots. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking to make an investment in Brazil."       

John Campbell

"Investing in Invest in Brazil has definitely been a great investment. About 2.5 years ago now I invested £12,000 for a plot of land and it looks like the value has now gone up to £25,000.If you are hesitant, don’t be because these guys are genuine and will look after you, unlike the other sharks out there."       

Marine Pearson
Founder of Divorce Shift


"I have been fortunate to have an early review of Tambaba Country Club facilities and plot layouts with the representatives of joint venture company Invest in Brazil during 2009. I was impressed and reassured by the conclusive presentation given to me by this company i purchased 3 land plots (450m2 each) in the Valencia location

Invest In Brazil have proven to be a professional company with ongoing after sales support providing up to-date commercial status and best recommendations for exit. Tambaba Country Club will be managed by a leading Brazilian management company and has the potential for the operation of a 5 star Hotel Brand to maintain its deserved high profile image throughout Brazil. With this level of management and hotel potential available i am seriously considering building a 3 bed villa with swimming pool on 2 of my plots.

I have been informed by Invest In Brazil that over 70% of the plots have been sold so with time short for the remaining investments i would recommend in confidence now is the time to establish communication with Invest In Brazil.

Best Regards

Mr Frank Bradley"  Pt 2.     


"I have been very pleased with my investment in Tambaba. From the sales agents (Dale - Experience Intl) to yourselves (Dawn - the Finance team), to the legal team (Renata Sa - Chamber of Intl Lawyers), the service provided has been exceptional."

Alston D’Cruz

"From the initial stage of introducing me to my investment options to finally procuring my investment, Invest in Brazil have met my expectations. They are very responsive to their investors and take the time to provide updates on the growth and progress in Brazil as well as options on capitalizing on your investment.

It has been 2 years now and I am still 100% positive I have made the right investment. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to invest in the Brazilian market."  

Cyril Nwachukwu

"I was extremely pleased with the service I received. It was friendly, efficient and very helpful in explaining and keeping everything simple."

Peter Mason

"My experience with Invest in Brazil was relatively smooth and I trust my investment will grow in due course"   

Grace Lim

I have just completed a land investment in Brazil which is already showing substantial financial profit. Any negative doubts I had were dispersed by the professional advice and support I received by a management company called "Invest In Brazil" The Tambaba Country Club is a very exciting project set in a tranquil beautiful location of north east Brazil, you have to see it to believe it, the stunning beaches and palm tree settings you can only experience in Brazil.

I recommend whole heartedly to anyone who wants to turn dreams of a lifetime investment into reality to contact this well established company "Invest in Brazil" or visit their website you will receive all the professional services and advice you require as I did.

Frank Bradley


"I am very pleased with the service I have received and how thorough Invest in Brazil have been from start to finish with my purchase. I am very excited about owning freehold title on what is an outstanding opportunity in Brazil with Tambaba Country Club Resort."

Tony Jain


"My Experience with Invest in Brazil has been excellent throughout. They have kept me informed and updated from the start, and I have every confidence in their expert knowledge and ability, attention to detail and the legality and safety of their Tambaba Country Club resort project. I am looking forward to great returns within the next few years on this purchase."

Gordon Parker