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Tambaba Bay

Why Invest In Tambaba Country Club Resort

The need to obtain above average investment returns is even more important when some world economies are in decline or returning low interest rates. Brazil who is part of the new BRICS economy is in an envious position of having seen steady continuous growth with low inflation and high employment over a number of years. With property prices now at a high in the south of Brazil including Rio De Janerio and Sao Paulo investors are now looking to the north of Brazil especially in and around the area of João Pessoa situated on the north east coast. With its tropical climate Brazilians are also looking to this region as their holiday destination.

With cities Recife, Natal and Fortaleza playing hosts to the recent, internationally documented 2014 World Cup, the north east region is now being recognised for new growth and developments with new businesses already starting to have an impact. Local government have also recognised this by spending vast amounts of money on new roads and infrastructures ready for the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games.

The north east capital city of the state of Paraiba, João Pessoa, is growing considerably due to a large increase in tourism and range of new companies including vehicle manufacturer Fiat locating close to the area. Large shopping complexes are also being built to cope with this new demand. It is anticipated that this and other industries will create over 7,500 new jobs over the next 10 years so finding somewhere to live will become increasingly difficult. In 2013 João Pessoa was voted by Trip Advisor as the 4th best new destination on the rise in South America confirming reports made from other sources. By owning land and property now will give a distinct advantage over those who will want to buy in at a later date.  Reselling back into the Brazilian market at a later date has also been made easier with major banks in Brazil including Santander now offering mortgage finance of up to 90% to Brazilian nationals.

Tambaba takes full advantage of its location. Its picturesque tropical setting just south of the vibrant city of João Pessoa is positioned in a stunning Brazilian tourist destination close to the magnificent coqueirinho beach. Due to year round sunshine, cooling breeze, warm temperatures and beaches, Tambaba Country Club Resort benefits from 365 days a year tourist season maximising investment demands. Early entry into any growing market assists an opportunity for accelerated investment growth. Buying early into Tambaba Country Club Resort will mean that you are buying at below market prices and therefore benefiting from any growth within the area.

Tambaba Country Club Resort is already popular with Brazilian investors. What better endorsement of a project is there than the local market who understands the potential of this development and are already buying into Tambaba in large numbers.

Your exit can be demonstrated before you buy. With an established popularity within the Brazilian market (resident and tourist) who are purchasing, you have a strong local market when it comes to exiting. When you also consider growing popularity with North American, European, British, Russian, South African and Middle Eastern investors you can also realise that your exit sale has multiple markets to take advantage of.

The shortage of high quality tourist accommodation within João Pessoa and the surrounding area will ensure a demand for your investment. When you consider the new 25,000 seat International Convention Centre is less than 15 minutes from the Resort, the Oscar Niemeyer Arts Centre less than 20 minutes away and a 78% increase in tourism to the area last year alone, there will certainly be an increase in demand for high end affordable property.

Although Joao Pessoa’s Castro Pinto international airport has recently been expanded it was announced that it’s already nearly at full capacity. Local government have stated that that are currently looking at a new site close to the International Convention Centre in order that a new larger international airport can be built. This will increase tourism further placing a greater demand for suitable accommodation.

The city of João Pessoa is one of the safest cities in Latin America and is ranked the 2nd Greenest City in the world next to Paris. This is demonstrated by a strong tourist market together with affluent Brazilians now making João Pessoa their permanent residence.

Tambaba Country Club Resort demonstrates all the key ingredients of a successful real estate and property investment with perfect location, early entry, low cost of entry, below market value purchase, high sales value, multiple demand markets, multiple exit channels and long term growth potential.