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Tambaba Bay

Tambaba Country Club Resort, The Opportunity

The fact that Tambaba Country Club Resort is such a large project means that there is most definitely an investment opportunity that fits you.

Whether you require a beautiful place to live, somewhere stunning for you and your family to holiday or an investment for high return capital growth, long term yields, or commercial enterprise investments, Tambaba Country Club Resort has many different options to satisfy you.

For those wishing to own a beautiful second home to further improve the quality of your life, Tambaba Country Club will satisfy you. It offers an exceptional environment to live or to vacation to, within some of the most beautiful tropical coastal countryside Latin America has to offer.

We have a range of villa design options to suit your needs and your budget, while also offering a bespoke villa design service specifically tailored to you, if you so choose.

For the more capital returns focused investor, Tambaba Country Club Resort presents some exceptional opportunities to acquire land assets below market value and with high forecast growth. Allowing for either flip sales or full development and sale of villas, apartments or even hotels depending upon the level of investment you are looking to make.

Due to the scale and profile of the resort, Tambaba Country Club has a wealth of commercial investment opportunities that present an outstanding business offering for the right investors. Hotels, Apartment Hotels, Luxury Apartments, Retail, Leisure and shopping projects are just some of the opportunities available for the right people.