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Tambaba Bay

Tambaba Country Club Resort, Exit & Returns

Investing in the right property with the right timing is one thing, exiting your investment to generate the highest returns or secure a sale is another matter. The development partnership of Invest in Brazil, Maxima, Aranessa and Mastel are experts within the Brazilian market and will guide and support you in maximizing your returns and exit strategy when you purchase within Tambaba Country Club Resort.

Because of the scale and design of Tambaba Country Club Resort, there are multiple opportunities to secure the right investment and exit depending upon the type of investor you are. Historic data along with national and regional market forecasts suggests that the national average year on year growth for property is between 15-20%. Land prices always outperform property and have already demonstrated an average in excess of 20% year on year growth in North East Brazil over the last five years. This will accelerate in the build up to the 2016 Olympic Games. There is also a significant increase in the housing and hotel room deficit in Brazil due to the explosive growth of their economy. This is leading to an increase in the demand for high quality residences and tourist accommodation. Local rental yields are also strong for purchasers looking to capitalise on early entry.

One of the advantages that your investment within Tambaba Country Club Resort has above any other project of its kind available in Europe is the local market exit path. Tambaba Country Club Resort is proving extremely popular with Brazilians as this type of development is rare especially in the north east region of Brazil. Because of its immediate popularity you should have little problem sourcing an interested party to purchase your investment.

For those wishing to develop villas for either re-sale or rental, or for larger commercial developers looking to develop Hotel/ Apartment/ Retail/ Leisure commercial projects, there are a number of other exit paths that the developer of Tambaba will be happy to discuss directly via your agent.

Figures based upon an independent valuation commissioned in November 2009 by a Brazilian CRECI registered valuer suggests returns over 5 years for residential and commercial should be well in excess of 100% 

Exit Sales Support

The Tambaba development partnership has achieved 65% of sales into the local domestic market in Brazil via Maxima Imoveis who are the Brazilian master estate agent based in Joao Pessoa and wholly owned by Mastel Construtoria of the Tambaba development partnership. Invest in Brazil based in the UK has a highly experienced international sales network, while Maxima Imoveis is CRECI registered and comes with a significant national estate agent network at its disposal as well as being able to arrange mortgages to Brazilians.

After the completion of Tambaba Country Club Resort, Invest in Brazil and Maxima Imoveis can assist clients looking to resell by marketing to a wider Brazilian audience through Maxima Imoveis real estate agency in Joao Pessoa. Investors can choose to sell through an alternative route if they wish, however, with Invest in Brazil having access to Maxima Imoveis professional services, clients can be assured that their sales requests will be dealt with efficiently and at a price that will be competitive with the market place.